Libra and its founder Greta Veselinova, with the help of scientists and spiritual teachers and healers from all over the world have discovered the similarities and boundaries between science and ancient mystical teachings and open the door to a world of harmony, physical and mental health. Greta Veselinova has travelled around the world to meet Gurus, Healers, Shamans, Doctors, Scientists to study and gain experience in ancient and modern healing, nutrition and spiritual systems from different cultures worldwide. In Bulgaria she has established Libra Academy for ancient healing and spiritual practices, Libra Institute for Consciousness Development, Branch office for the International Institute for Cosmic Anthropoecology and Libra Recovery centres, both of which are located in Varna, Bulgaria. The unique recovery programs in Libra combine ancient healing and spiritual practices with the latest modern informational medicine. 

New Life in a New World!


Our Approach

Recovery Rose ® Retreats are innovative Recovery packages to guide you through a journey of improving your spiritual and physical health and wellbeing. 

The Rose ® concept is based on a number of innovative technologies and equipment, combined with traditional healing practices, bio therapy,  physical exercises and natural conditions, availability of mineral water, air quality. The duration of the Rose ® Retreats is from 3 to 21 days.

Recovery Rose Retreats

Our Philosophy of Recovery Rose ® Retreats (R R R)

From our point of view, the predominant number of diseases should be considered as a violation of the exchange of information between individual cells and organs. The restoration of information flow and the balance of the internal environment leads to recovery. 

   The main problems facing human health are: mental, sexual, parasites, eating habits, the conditions of the teeth, genetic, the negative impact of the environment.

The emphasis of our Recovery Rose ® Retreats is placed on natural on physical methods of soft exposure, minimising the pharmacological load. 

Oil Massage

Commitment to Clients

Recovery Rose ® Retreats are unique recovery programmes, an elixir that we like to share with anyone, who wishes to lead a long, healthy and exciting life. Balance within one's mind, body and soul is our formula for a well being.