Why Recovery Rose ® Retreats are unique?

1. Unique name for a unique collection of Retreats: 

The Rose is a symbol of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Rose oil is known worldwide for it's scent, purity and healing benefits with it's amazingly high vibrational frequency of 320 hz. It vibrates on the highest frequency known and can create an environment where disease, bacteria and viruses cease to exist.

2.Unique concept:

From our point of view, the pre dominant number of diseases should be considered as a violation of the exchange of information between individual cells and organs. The restoration of information flow and the balance of the internal environment leads to recovery.

3. The emphasis of Recovery Rose ® Retreats is placed on natural and physical methods of soft exposure, minimising the pharmacological load.

4. Bulgaria! A world treasure! Bulgaria is one of the best possible places for recovery.

  • Healing mud and hot mineral springs | second place in Europe in terms of hot spring existence. The mineral waters in Bulgaria are known for their varied chemical composition, for their riche in minerals structure an microcomponents.

  • Black Sea is called a healing sea.

  • Bulgarian yougurt: This wonderful probiotic food has impeccable ancestry - it is believed to have been known for atleast 4000 years

  • Bulgarian Rose and Bulgarian Rose Oil: The healing benefits begins with its amazingly high vibrational frequency of 320 Hz, while most essential oils average 52 Hz. The Bulgarian Rose oil can create an environment where disease, bacteria, and viruses cease to exist. It has been used since the 17th Century for its medicinal and heart healing properties. It contains more than 300 chemical compounds and is one of the most complex natural substances on Earth.

  • Climate and nature

       Bulgaria has a great potential of natural resources for development of health tourism:

       4 seasons, a mild winter, green spring, golden autumn, a warm summer. A warm and welcoming Black Sea, with           large sandy beaches.

       Magnificent mountains, lakes, rivers.

  • Rich ancient culture and history.

5. Ancient healing traditions

The Bulgarian folk medicine has proved effective on a wide range of diseases and has created an elaborate system for the prevention of various health problems. Znalets, Vrazhalets and Znahar in Bulgarian are names of people who are not simple healers but ones who could clearly see where the pain had come from before removing the cause of the illness, they would first issue a diagnosis of the patient.

6. Bulgarian herbs

"There is a herb for every ache, a Bulgarian proverb says."

Bulgaria is the largest producer of herbs in EU.

7. Libra Team:

Our Libra team consists of unique individuals with different backgrounds, nationalities and personalities, but with a shared vision to be the best we can be for our clients.

8. Unique methods and technologies like Kozyrev mirror, a device for biocorrection, Spectral Photo Therapy, Tes Therapy, Infrared Lamp Therapy, Treatment Massage With Shower Hydratika, Therapy With Torsion Holographic Devices and Magneto Therapy.

9. Recovery Rose ® Retreats are unique author programmes developed by Greta Veselinova. 

Some of her other unique inventions are:

Rose therapy- it influences in the same time the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies of a person.

Reincarnation- With complete relaxation, one must remain conscious. This is yoga nidra - a state of dynamic sleep. 

Bio revitalisations- a device what uses the life energy of sprouts for revitalising a person.

Geo eco healing tours- Greta Veselinova choses special places on earth by scientifically measuring their magnetic and energo - informational fields and proving if this places are good for human's health or not.