Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Why there is a 2.9% service fee when we pay online using debit/credit cards?

You can choose to pay online and there is the service fee of the payment provider. If you choose to pay via bank transfer, the bank charges are paid by the client.

2. The RRR are hosted in Bulgaria. Will they be conducted in Bulgarian?

Our staff member speak English and in most cases several other languages like Russian, German, Italian. If there is a special need we can provide translation services on an additional cost.

3. What if I don't have a specific goal?

You can choose not so specific Retreats like Orange or Purple Rosses, which promote Revitalising or Relaxation.


4. How many spaces are available?

These Retreats are designed to be a more intimate experience. Accommodation availability depends on the season. Summer season in Bulgaria is from May to September. Minimum pre-booking period is 30 days, but sometimes last minute bookings are available. Please check in advance with Libra booking department.

5. Will I have my own bedroom and bathroom?

The cost of the RRR is based on single occupancy (unless noted) and each bedroom has its own private bathroom. If you are interested in attending the Retreat with somebody please let us know and we can pre-arrange it. Every single Room is lovely. Please note that the RRR is based on first applied/paid basis. It you have preferences we will do our best to pair you with the room that best suits your request.

6. When I  will receive my own day by day final program?

When you book the RRR and we receive yours admission form, medical reports, signed contract of arrival and full payment, then we send you yours individual and customised day by day RRR program.

You can discuss your itinerary with us and we can add some changes according to your preferences.

7. What can I expect from a typical day?

For the all-inclusive Retreats our chefs prepare a special breakfast according to the special of the RRR.

Coffee, tea water snacks are available during the day.

Lunch and dinner are served on our restaurants, but in a special area for RRR.

Lunch you can enjoy also on the terrace or in the beach restaurant, or on your own if you are choosing a self-catering Retreat.

Dinner is enjoyed as a group to round things out, unless you are doing a self catering retreat.

During the day you follow your program which includes therapies, massages, exercises. You will have free time, what you can spend in the garden at the pools in the nearby natural reserve, at the beach, ice skating, horse riding or you can choose tours from our tours collection.

8. I want to attend but I can't afford it, what can I do?

RRR are powerful ways to restructure your life. That requires an investment to yourself. If you are unable to afford the RRR now and you agree that it would be a significant boost for you and yours goals, then you can develop a timeline/plan to save up for an upcoming Retreat. Many Retreat participants attend with the support of their company or employer. If you'd like to discuss how to utilise the RRR as a professional development activity then please send us an email and we can discuss.

Please check with us the option to become the RRR Ambassador.

9. How will you decide, how to fill the RRR attendee spots?

The first step is to complete the admission form. That will give an indication around what you are interested in taking away from the retreat.

We can schedule a phone/viber/whatsup 15-20 min exploratory session to discuss your situation and any questions.

Most of the applications we accept, but not all!

If we think that the RRR can benefit you, we will let you know immediately after the phone call or after we check your medical records and admission form. And from that point it will be based on the order that the applications are received.

10. Do I have a post-retreat care?

The short answer is yes! All the Retreat participants will be offered a post Retreat virtual 1 to 1 session or distance healing sessions. This provides added value beyond the Retreat  experience. For those who would like more focussed one on one support, you might be eligible to work with Greta Veselinova directly /long term, depending on the goal, and we will determine the frequency and duration that would be beneficial.

11. Is it for men or women?

If is about openness, intelligence, kindness, and fun. We find that these qualities are not gender specific.

12. Can I come late or leave early if the dates don't exactly work for me?

You are encouraged to arrive or depart on the designated arrival/departure days at whatever time works best for yours travel schedule. You will have yours own transfer from airport and/or train station.

Any changes will need to be coordinated by you, and we are happy to give you suggestions to make it easier. Please note that the RRR have a specific focus for each day. If you come late or leave early you are likely to miss something that is connected to the overall process.

We don't want you to miss anything, so late arrivals/departures/other than the planned days are not recommended.


13. What if I want to spend more time visiting the region?

We are happy to offer you suggested list of tours near and around the Retreat location. You can pre-book the tours too.

You can arrive or departure a day or two before/after the RRR. But we leave some time for tours during the Retreats too.

14. What is I get sick or something comes up and I can't attend? Can I get a refund?

There are individual Retreats and all of them include accommodations, meals, pre-arranged tours. There is also a dedication to you and yours specific dates. 

That means we cannot accommodate refunds. However, we will do our best to re-schedule your private Retreat with 60 days if possible. And if that works out then great.

However, we cannot guarantee that it will work out that way.

15. Will there be vegetarian options?

All of our menus are geared towards a mostly vegetarian experience. The RRR have a veggie focussed menu. But we offer also fish and meat options. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you register, so that we can change your menu.

16. Can I bring my significant other, or child to stay with me if they are not attending the RRR?

The RRR is on opportunity to step out of your day to day life in order to tap into expanded possibilities. Therefore it is best for individuals to be able to focus inwards. 

For those who would like to invite others to joint them pre or post Retreat, we are happy to provide accommodation. Also, we welcome you and yours family members or friends to apply/attend a Retreat together, but only if you think it will add more positive mojo to your experience.

17. Is it scary? Should I expect to cry?

All our RRR include only very pleasurable experience, noninvasive therapies.

Breakthroughs, clarity, creativity are exciting. Sometimes the path to these things are blocked and the removal of the blockage can find a release through tears, dance or laughter. It is hard to predict what the effect will be for each individual. Our intention is to keep things lights and relaxed.

18. I am not sure of a RRR is what I need and I am not sure which RRR to choose. How can I determine if this is the right thing for me?

Please feel free to send an email to us and we will discuss if our RRR will be powerful experience for you as well, all Retreat applicants are invited to have a quick phone conversation with Greta Veselinova.

19. Have another question related to the RRR?

Send us an email and we will get you an answer.

20. What about the Covid-19 pandemic period?

There is uncertainty, anxiety and fear. But crisis always presents an opportunity or transformation. There is before and there will be after.

This gives us the Middle to realise what is important, to find out who we are and to reconsider how we want to emerge.

RRR will give you this inside positive transformation, so you can easily adapt to the new Realities.

If a guest develops symptoms of Covid19 staff of the hotel contacts the local health authority and follow their instructions. The sick person is isolated in a room, alone or at least 1 M away from others. No visitors are permitted to enter the room occupied by the affected guest.

National law will guide the  rights of the guests to refuse or not the recommended measures.

We would like to inform you that the hotels of the RRR have taken all the necessary measure to prevent the spread of Corona Virus in our territory. The Bulgarian Government imposed a state of emergency until 15.04.2020.