Duration: 3 days |

7 days |

14 days |

21 days

Price: From 954 EUR per day

Special Offers: Half price of a second person in a double room

Description of the Retreat: Complex retreat for longevity and for those searching for the fountain of youth for extending the lives and vitality of elderly people. Helps toning up muscles, preventing wrinkles and slowing down the ageing of the skin, reshaping the body, improving appearance, looking and feeling younger.

All Rose ® Retreats have some element in common: a check-up, a personalised dietary plan, a customised workout program, a wide range of natural as well as innovative treatments. The Retreats differ in the aim, the results, the duration.

Every Recovery Rose ® Retreat includes it's specific unique customised designed module and several modules similar for all Recovery Rose ® Retreats.

The special module is:
Green Rose ® Retreat - Module Anti-Aging

Other Modules:

1. Module Diagnostics (Check-up)

-Energy information Adaptometry

-3D NLS scanner


-Life Expert Profi

2. Module Emotional Body

Purification of the emotional body.

The emotional purification is just as important as the physical! According to the spiritual law of transformation, when we suppress emotions, they do not disappear without a trace, and their energy is transformed internally into something negative.

-Relief from toxic emotions

-Clearing the energy of the past

-Relief from worrying about the future

-Brightening of the astral body - the body of emotions

-Purification of the energy of anger

-Clearing the energy of guilt and dissatisfaction

-Chakra Balancing

-Chakra Healing

-Aroma Therapy.

It includes energy practices like: Emotional Cleansing, Prana Healing, Crystallotherapy, Color Therapy, Mandala Art, Therapy with Mudras and Mantras, Healing with Tibetian Sound Bowls, Reincarnation, Regression, Kozyrev Mirror sessions, Consultations with our psychologist and hypnotherapist.

3. Module Mental body

Purification of the mental body.

This is the next level after the astral in our aura.

What is the thought?

Thought is not only the control of psychological processes in the body, but it is also an instrument of the spirit. It shows a direct impact on the spiritual and energetic community!

-Balancing spiritual energy

-Purification of the meridians

-Reprogramming the subconscious mind (helps a lot to overcome negative experiences in the past)

-Enrichment of mental energy with positivity

-Release from unwanted thoughts

It includes: Kozyrev Mirror Sesssions, Sound Therapies, TES Therapy

4. Module Massages

It includes: Yumeiho "Divine" Japanese Massage, Chinese Moxa With Wormwood, Aroma Massage, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Lymphodrainage Massage, Classic Massage, Auriculo, Suction Therapy Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Inhalations, Measurement of Body Acids, Tibetan Bath For Detox.

5. Module Nutrition

-Customised food menu

-Elimination of toxic foods from your diet and use of detoxifying herbal tea

-Education to nutritional self-care in your everyday life

6. Module Thermal Treatments

-Detoxification of your digestive tract with thermal water

-Activities in thermal waters with different temperatures and salt and minerals concentration to reactivate your blood circulation

-Body scrub with thermal shower

-Detoxifying face and body with mud wraps


7. Module Innovative Revitalisations-

It includes: Mirror of Kozyrev sessions, Spectral Photo Therapy, Tes Therapy, Infrared Lamp Therapy, Treatment Massage With Shower Hydriatika, Therapy with Torsion Holographic Devices, Magneto Therapy.

8. Module Energy Practices-

It includes: Crystallotherapy, Shaman Cleansing, Sound Practices with healing Tibetan Bowls, Chakra Therapy, Therapy of the Chakras with Essential Oils, Chakra Practice, Prana Practice, Reiki, Distance Healing Art, Reincarnation, Regression, Energy Cleansing, Colour Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Mandala Art, Buddhist Practices With Mudras, Practice With Mantras, Aromatherapy.

9. Module Physical exercises-

Yoga, Pranayama, Kriya Practices, Swimming, Fitness, Outdoor Activities, Walking Tours.

10. Module Hospitality

-Overnight stay in Rose ® Retreat Room

-Full Board (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks per day at the Rose ® Retreat Restaurant, following a personalised dietary plan)

-Welcome package

-Daily access to the health spa, saunas, swimming pools with thermal water, relaxation rooms with selection of herbal tea.

-Access to the beach

11. Module Consultation

It includes: 15 min free phone consultation before arrival

-Consultation first day of the Recover Rose ® Retreat

-Consultation last days of the Recovery Rose ® Retreat