Katya G.

In 2020, I was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour. Looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, I found Greta Veselinova in Libra Recovery Center. From the moment we met, she won me over with her smile, cordiality and warmth, which helped me overcome stress. In the process of our joint work on my recovery, I became convinced of her great potential and knowledge. Thanks to her extensive experience, encyclopaedic knowledge, as well as her belief that the human body should be considered as an indivisible whole, I began the treatment of the incurable disease.
Various methods of treatment have been applied to me according to individual schemes prepared by Greta. All this time Greta was by my side, always ready, at any moment, to discuss, analyze some part of the treatment and, if necessary, correct it.
At the moment I am fine, but I continue with the next stages of treatment until the whole body recovers. Thanks to the contact with Greta, I believe that any disease can be defeated.

Riana Lozidi.jpg

Riana L.

I went to Libra mind, body, soul recovery Center for three days and it was an amazing experience! It was the three most peaceful days of my life! When I arrived I was with zero energy and when I left I was full of energy! Greta was a great host and very helpful!! I hope I can go there again someday ❤



In 2019, I had a problem that they failed to diagnose, although I worked at St. Marina Hospital in Varna. Greta diagnosed me with her methods and told me about a problem that was later confirmed with medical equipment. Thanks to Greta for helping me I realize what is happening to me and to take measures in time before it becomes incurable. Thanks also for the positive emotions that communication with her brings to me, the positivism around me radiates!